About Us

Our Mission

To provide quality and affordable communication and high standard customer service to all of Liberia.

Our Vision

LIBTELCO is committed to exercising good corporate governance practices, being a socially responsible company, and a role model for other businesses in Liberia. As a state owned entity and as Liberia's National Operator, we realized that we are responsible not only to Government, but to the Liberian people who are our primary stakeholders, and to the communities in which we serve. To this end, LIBTELCO will seek to be a "citizen where we serve" by engaging in two primary focus areas: Education, and Community Volunteerism.

Our Values

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we are Liberia Telecommunication Corperation

we are pride to be
Liberia's #1 internet service provider

Making tomorrow communications today
LIBTELCO provides its facilities including towers and office buildings along with 24/7 electricity and security to the public for the hosting of servers and other telecommunications hardware. Without fuss, you can setup your projects or data centers, create your own network, and link your offices to the rest of the world.

Dedicated Fiber Connection
Dedicated Wireless
Direct Ethernet Convertor
Data Hosting